There’s not much news or controversy this week. Sure there’s some controversy from Men’s Health from last week, but I don’t feel a man who looks and talks like an alcoholic should be criticizing anyone’s life so I’m going to ignore it and that publication. At any rate, here’s the buzz from everyone else right now.

AMC Renews Walking Dead… again. – Seriously this is news? Why is this even a question or is it just to keep the buzz going? Does AMC announce every time it renews Mad Men? This show is making money and soon we’re going to have a flood of Zombie TV shows and then finally the genre will be dead and we can revive it in twenty years.

Source: CBR

The check that bought Superman – I like history, and this is a great part of it but it’s also not a very big deal. Maybe in the pending court case it is, but people are acting like this check is the holy grail or some shit. At any rate, it’s being put up for auction.

Source: Comic Alliance

Shonen Jump Cancelled For Digital – In a business move that makes no sense, Viz is cancelling it’s #1 selling Shonen Jump in favor of a weekly digital release. Why they wouldn’t just continue both is beyond me, but from the sounds of this interview from ICv2 there isn’t much consistency to their business strategy.

Shonen Jump

Source: ICv2

Wizard World to Unmask This Dude:


This real life vigilante will be unmasked at some shitty Wizard World event. That didn’t take long for him to go all Booster Gold and reveal his identity for some money. Oh wait, I’m guess this was all just to launch the new comic book Phoenix Jones from Wizard’s Digital Comic line…

Source: Major Spoilers

Bill Jemas (aka Guy Who Saved Marvel From Bankruptcy) Goes To Wizard – Remember that digital line I was telling you about? Well it’s probably just for the magazine right? But why would a company that’s also produced comics stop there? At any rate Jemas is with Wizard now… doing stuff that no one actually knows about yet… like that Phoenix Jones comic all the kids are talking about!


Source (minus my speculation): Bleeding Cool

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